Now that the crisis stage of the dam here in Whaley Bridge is over we are getting back to normal, slowly but surely. We weren’t evacuated but the mental anguish caused by the possibility of our town being destroyed, along with the homes of many friends, made it difficult to concentrate.
After this week of upset we have now finished and delivered another pair of roman blinds. These were another Upcycle, taking a customer’s unused curtains and making them into two new blinds for her lounge, not only saving her money, but saving the fabric from ending up in landfill. Win! Win! we say.
If you have any curtains that you want remade into blinds then get in touch. We also make curtains and blinds from new fabric and currently have two sets on our cutting table.

Upcycled a disused curtain into a pair of roman blinds. 2-4-1. We love a “bargain!”

Alongside drapery and soft furnishings we also do upholstery to commission and run a sewing school.

A new lease of life to a family piece. Looking stylish in Linwood herringbone wool.

We have a weekly sewing group that meets on Monday at The Uniting Church from 7-9:30. It works out at £6 per hour, as it is £15 for the session. A discount is available for block booking, “buy 5, get one free”.

We also run day courses. The next couple are in Tideswell, just a 15 minute drive away from Whaley Bridge, at the beginning of September and cover how to make machine stitched Roman blinds and how to insert a couple different zips.
We hope to see you soon.

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