… and we’re off …

All set up, ready to go.

Tonight saw the inaugural session of Come and Sew, the weekly, Monday evening sewing group at The Uniting Church in Whaley Bridge.

We set up nice and early and then waited …

Debs didn’t have to wait too long for a bunch of keen sewers to come through the door. There was a mix of projects from roman blinds, to children clothes to adults clothing. There was a range of experience levels too, but that didn’t phase Debs who, having worked in secondary education with mixed ability classes for the last 15 years, can deal with most things.

Pinning and cutting out “oh so tricky” jersey. Fantastic work for a novice.

What’s that you’ve given me Debs? A magnetic seam guide? To quote Peter Kay “It’s the future.”
Quiet concentration whilst using a paper pattern for the first time. Trying really hard to remember the notches.

We had a great evening with loads achieved, blinds realigned, kimono cut out, jersey dress cut out and stitched together. Amazing work! Well done ladies. See you all again next week. Thanks for coming. x

… and all too quickly, it was over. Can’t wait to do it all again next Monday.

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