Another pair of workshops in March

Refresher course for one learner

Last Sunday saw our most recent Absolute Beginners’ workshop up at Peak District Yarns, and what a day it was. The students were keen to learn whether it be from a standing start or from a distant memory and enthusiasm came in spade loads.

Everyone managed to complete both their reusable shopper and their zipped pouch, which for a beginner is some feat. Zips can have even the most experienced sewer in a tizz, as my Gran would say.

Excellent machine control lead to success with Clever Corners

As always we were using the brand new Janome machines which have a speed control to give students the ability to speed up as their confidence grows over the day, or to slow down if they feel they want to.

Their next step could be the Scatter Cushions workshop this Sunday, 24 March, Bring Your Own Project in May or even Roman Blinds later in the year. Loads of options available, including the new Monday evening drop-in sessions in Whaley Bridge, Uniting Church where you can bring whatever you want and use our equipment, small and large. You could even join them.

Some of the fabrics to choose from this weekend

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